How we started 

Net Bags Australia is owned by Vicki de Carle. Vicki started an interest in reusing packaging at an early age when she decided that the amount of Christmas wrapping paper was ridiculous from a cost and environmental point of view. Hence the de Carle family Christmas pillow cases. Our children painted them and they are still in use some 30 years later.


Continuing the good work of the green shopping bag

Vicki embraced the supermarket green bags as they were introduced and uses these bags for a variety of tasks. From shopping to moving house Vicki has utilised resuable bags, saving thousands of plastic bags over the years.


Help the Environment

One major niggly thing, was those plastic bags in the shops for fruit and vegetables. What a waste! People take a plastic bag for one apple…..why? There had to be a solution. The planning started and the market was researched. There was definitely a need, but where to get it manufactured. Another of Vicki’s passion was the answer. We have now extended our range to include straws, personal cutlery sets, makeup remover pads etc. All products that help eliminate single use plastic.


Why Bali?

Bali has been a lovely island getaway for Vicki for 20 years now and she has a number of families and projects she supports. Through a lovely young family the Net Bags are manufactured. We enlisted some family members and a cottage industry began. They are paid a good price for their work and it is creating employment for the extended family.